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How to track performance metrics from the bubble apps?

Hi all,

Do we have any plugins or techniques with inbuild bubbe elements to track the performance metrics of the Web-App? [ Lets discuss for Native apps on iOS and Andriod as well :slight_smile: ]

  1. Number of active users
  2. Retention rate
  3. Screen flow
  4. Number of downloads
  5. Activation rate
  6. User acquisition
  7. Stickiness
  8. App sessions
  9. Conversion rate
  10. Click-through rate
  11. Churn rate
  12. Bounce rate
  13. Abandonment rate
  14. Net promoter score
  15. Customer satisfaction score
  16. User feedback, reviews, and app ratings
  17. Cost per acquisition

Lets discuss any suggestions/tips/workarounds etc…

To what extent Google Analytics be used to achieve the above points?

Hi @syedammar07 ,
There is a reporting platform with a Bubble connector that lets you access all your data and build powerful reports on top of it.
It is called Whaly and has a no-code interface to model different objects, tables and properties. You can also combine your Bubble data with other tools like Facebook, Google Ads, Hubspot, etc to calculate CAC, LTV, etc.