Suggestions for "App Metrics" (workload stats) improvement

Hey, Bubble community.
I’ve decided to create this thread to accumulate our ideas for “App Metrics” improvement. That’s a tool we will be working closely on a daily basis while optimising apps in terms of WU consumption. So let’s share what features we would like to see there to make our optimisation process more efficient.

Workload granularity by page
I’d like to check workload consumed by a single page, not only by the whole app.

Pages comparison
Ability to compare two pages side-by-side. To compare “as-is” and “to-be"/"optimised” pages (often in development we will need to duplicate a page, change some WF/data fetching logic and check the result). Also some WUs delta calculated between compared pages will be helpful:

Make workload data updates in shorten periods
It’s impossible to analyse WU optimisation on-the-fly while workload data is updated on an hourly basis.
I guess that’s a feature Bubble plans to deliver in May:

Export workload stats
I’d like to export workload stats and use it in external tools (like Excel or Google Data Studio).

P.S. Let’s keep this thread related for App Metrics improvement. It’s will be easier for Bubble team to gather our ideas in one place.


Adding @tylerboodman suggestion on separate colours for Dev and Prod WUs bar chart:


Proposal from @gf_wolfer

Proposal from @joeyg

We need to know how many users are actually using resources and how much on a monthly/daily (hourly?) basis. Trying to gauge workload usage across a large user base without any insight into this is impossible. A detailed workload usage report by user would help a lot here.