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How to Type and Display Math Equations on Bubble (MathType)

Hi there,

I am trying to develop a math quizzing app on Bubble. The app needs to display math questions and math symbols.

Is there a way to display these math symbols as I don’t seem to find any plugin for this?

What is an example of a math symbol you cannot find? Are you trying to just display the question in a text field and then have an input for someone to enter their answer?

Hi William,
Thanks for the reply.

I want to display the questions in a text field and have the student input the answer.

I saw MathType can be integrated with TinyMCE.

And found that there is a TinyMCE plugin for Bubble.

Has anyone integrated MathType->TinyMCE-> Bubble successfully before?

I was able to get this to work only while displaying in the editor. Maybe you could get it to work better but if you use this method you could use screenshots of the formulas and put them on your page as images.

I put the script tags in a Bubble HTML element and then below in a paragraph tag typed out the formula. You can find the script tags here: