How to update Data from API, only when a certain field's value has changed?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build an app that does two easy things:

  1. Retrieving information of football matches via an external API and save each match it in the database.
  2. Updating the football matches data, only if the “Status” field has changed. In other words, when the Status of a match had changed from “Playable” to “Cancelled”, I want to update the Status of only that match in the database.

The goal is to show up-to-date information on a screen, that is refreshed/updated every 2 minutes. By only updating the matches that have had their Status changed, I want to keep my Workload as low as possible.

I have succesfully retrieved and showed data from the API in a repeating group, but I could use some help with:

  1. Storing the data of each match in the database (using a backend workflow I guess?)
  2. Searching for changed Statuses and updating those particular records in the database.

Many thanks in advance, looking forward to any responses!

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