Do an event until data change in Database

I want to make a workflow when the data change in the database, the page will navigate to the next page, meanwhile, if the data didn’t change, I want it to keep loading (without page refresh) until the data change.

So far I tried making this workflow

However, when the “get status API” custom event goes back to the “refresh API” custom event, it stops at the “get status API” custom event. Is it because I could only trigger a custom event once? what should I do to make my workflow works?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @alya.melati ,

What probably works is to:

  1. add a '“Do every X seconds” event,
  2. add the Xano API call
  3. lastly add a Navigate to page action to it, with a condition that says something along the lines of → Only when Result of Step 1 Xano API Status’s response status = 'the desired status.

Hope this helps,

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Omg, I didn’t think about this solution. I thought that I had to do a round way. It works perfectly, thank you!

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