How to upload a list of images?

I need to upload a list of images (or their links), but I keep getting errors relating to the image cells.

I’ve tried exporting existing listings and copying them; that didn’t work.

It gave me this:

// , //

I then tried adding " " around each item. Then around the whole thing, as these are needed for my text options. But this didn’t work either.

Any ideas on how to make this work?

Hey! I recently did this and uploaded 78 images at once. I’m guessing you’d like to “create a thing” with each image in your DB?

Yes, I’m creating an item listing on a rental site. So the photos are just one of about 9 fields.

I did build a work around that I may use instead. What idea did you have?

Hey, sorry for the slow reply.

So what I gather is, multimple images for a single “thing” ? As in, car 1 would have many images? car 2, a few images… etc.

Yes, exactly! Upto 5 images each.