Upload multiples pictures at once

I just tried to upload multiples pictures at once but it ain’t working the way I need it to be.

I can have multiples pictures in my Multi-FileUploader and then when I hit my Upload button, it does upload the pictures BUT it uploads every pictures in ONE record in the database :

I want it to be this way (only one picture in one record) :

I tried several ways but none of them actually worked and I couldn’t find any help.

Thanks for reading !

Is your field is a list of image?
Can you provide screenshot of your fields settings and also of your workflow / multifile uploader settings?

Here is my fields settings :

The workflow when the user hit the upload button :

The settings of my multifile uploader (by default) :

I don’t use a workflow for the multifile uploader.
I tried days ago creating a list of element from the multifile uploader and then upload them to the database but I couldn’t work it out.

You need to use a field “List of image” actually your field is just for single image.
Create a new field with data type to “image” a select : this field is a list checkbox.
You are using a workflow to save data from Multifile uploader. This is what I mean. The flow is correct, but the field that receive data is not correct. Need to be a list.

Thanks for your fast answer.

I’ve done what you told me, the thing is that I need to display those pictures in a repeating group and I can’t find how to show list of images in a repeating group.

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You set your RG Data type to image, Data source will be the image field list and you add an Image element with Current cell image


I’m back after a few days, I tried your solution but it does not work.

Here is my repeating group setup :

And here is my image setup inside repeating group :

I tried displaying text in the repeating group and it display all the list in one case :

and here is what i have i’m my database :

Thanks for reading !

What I believe is that you are not saving your list correctly. Are you sure your picture field is a list of image? (not just an image?) and also, can you share the workflow that save the pictures from the uploader?

Here is the fields for Photo :

The workflow : (if there is no picture for this current user then I create it)

Otherwise if it already exist :

You need to change “add” for “add list”. Add is for single item

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Now it’s working, thanks a lot !

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