How to use an email adress with my own domain when validating user email?

I using Sendinblue and I want to send my transactional email from my email address (using my domain).

I found out how to do it for password reset using this feature:
from this tut:
Great one: thx Gaby.

Is there a way I can do the same with email verification when a new user signs up?
I haven’t found that.

Also, I found that once I have a paid plan and custom domain, my emails will be sent from my address and not bubble email… this doesn’t work for me either.

By the way, Why bubble doesn’t have a native email builder? It would so much handier than using SendGrid and all the other stuff.

Hi @jankosara :wave:

To validate users email using your own domain it is harder than “password reset”.

First, you will need two new fields in your User’s database.

One to check if your users have their emails verified. You can have a field called email_verified (yes/no) to do this. And the other to store a token for email verification. You can call this field “token (text)

After you register a new user in you app, you will need to generate a random token for him. After this, you need to send him an email, with a link like this: User’s Unique ID ?tkn= User’s Token

Where “token” will be the token you generate previously for him. Don’t use special characters for it. Use just numbers, it is easier. Something like 13681236173871623.

So the final result will be somethig like:


Now you need to create a page (Type of content = User) called “email_validation”.

In this page, create an “On Page Load” workflow to change the Page User’s email_verified to YES when the token informed in the header is the Page User’s Token

This should work! :wink:

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Hey man thx for your kind answer! I will implement it in the weekend and let you know if I was successful :slight_smile:
All seems clear Im just not sure how to generate token. Is there a plugin for this ?

You can generate without any plugin!

Hey man, so I just built it as you suggested and worked out very nicely. Works as desired.
Took me around one hour. Thank you very much for you kind help.

Im still wondering why dont bubble have a in built email builder.

In the next step I want to design a nice email for this. And I will have to make it it sendinblue and have no idea how will I get the link to this email but I think i will need to use or or something similar. Will let you know how that one worked out :slight_smile:

That is great! :+1:

I suggest you to use Postmark. You will find that is very easy to send these emails. You can use a plugin for it. The plugin will connect your Bubble app to your postmark account and let you send HTML e-mails using your credentials. What you will need to do is to create your e-mail in some email builder that allow you to export the HTML (so you can post it here in Bubble). I always used for it.

If you need any help, just tag me here in the forum, ok?

Hey man, your suggestion was absolutely the best solution :slight_smile: Works as desired :slight_smile: Ill need to get along with the idea that I have to work with the generated HTML so I can include my dynamic data into it, but luckily I have som ehigh level knowledge of HTML which is useful now :slight_smile: Anyway thx a lot for your help :wink: If there is anything I can help you, juts let me know :slight_smile: have a good one.

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