How to use constraints?

Hello Everyone,

When I use the workflow below, I can only choose one item from the “Aide Services” Multi Dropdown.
How do I set the constraint to choose more than 1 item from the Multi Dropdown?

In my database “Aide Services” is a List of Texts.

Thank you for you help.imageScreen Shot 2017-08-17 at 9.30.29 PM

There doesn’t seem to be a problem. The multidropdown can have more than one item as its value correct? It would be a list of things.


I have several Multi dropdowns & the same thing happens on all of them.
When I select 1 item the repeating group displays it fine.
When I select more than 1 item, nothing is displayed in the repeating group.

Interesting. You may have to use the separate filter and try the “advanced” filtering. That may do the trick. If not, I don’t know why it’s like that.

That is because the “contains” is operating as an AND.

To do “when this list contains ANY of this other list”… use an ADVANCED FILTER and INTERSECT and a COUNT.


Thank you,
I’m trying to understand this but its not clicking:frowning:

When I enter the Advanced filter on the RG, do I use one for every Multidropdown I have?
Is this duplicated also as a Workflow filter?

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