How to use Custom state in Search for Value?


A list with banks was made via Dropdown, I found data in the database by the selected field, redesigned the list via Custom state. I don’t understand how to use Search for by Custom state now? Or am I doing something wrong?

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the dynamic expression you have "index’s new-bank’s Bank Name is a text field not a Bank data type…if you remove the ‘Name’ portion it should be ok…unless your custom state is a type text and not a type Bank

If you have a data type called Bank you can have a custom state that is type Bank.

If i am remove Name in index’s new-bank’s Bank ok, but do not work.
What’s the right decision to solved it correct?

Make sure the custom state data type is the same as the data type used in your dynamic expression and the repeating group

In Repeating group user Current cell’s Bank’s Name


now filter by the custom state…not really sure exactly what you are trying to do as I looked closely at your first screen shot and you are using an expression element.

What is your goal?

Now i am check again and ALL OK. Not worked before, because default custom state bank not set until select it in custom dropdown, after select, all worked correct. Thank you!

How can custom state bank set default state? Now can get custom state bank after select and click custom dropdown.

Make Default Custom state in Workflow on load page Set State - Do Search = default bank name.

Thank you.

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