How to use google Apis (especially custom extracor from document AI)

Hello everyone, i noticed that google provide several APIs with different ways to authenticate, and im a bit confused about the way to use their APIs. Does someone know a course that explain how to manage them with api connector on bubble or plug in ? Im ready to pay to understand. Thank you

I think these links may help:

Thank you very much fir your answer but i understood that, im stuck about about how to connect the api, which method of authentification, should i use a plug in, should i use Api connector, is Oauth 2.o or Json Token… :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

I faced the same issue since I couldn’t;nt find a solid guide to setting up a proper API call in bubble for document AI. unfortunetly existing plug ins does not return the text block location or any page layout information. Good opportunity for developer to make the plug-in and make money.

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