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Google Drive, Google Calendar etc

Our client wants to build a web service where their users would be able to import their calendar entries, upload files from Google Drive etc.
Both blockspring and Zapier do have such APIs integrated but the problem is that they authenticate only one Google account and only that account can be accessed from Bubble.
Is there any way around this?
Really, these integrations loose any meaning unless building a web application for personal use.


I need to do the same for an app

That is what a Shared Zap is for ?

it seems shared zap is just a zap that is publicly listed on zapier and is available for anyone to use, isn’t that so?

Yes, but it can also be embedded into your site as an import/export style section.

I know what you mean though, maybe the new API connector in Bubble woukd be a better route.

But API connector is for third party services to access Bubble and I need Google Calendars to be connected from Bubble. In any case currently it won’t allow each user login to Google Calendar using their own account authentication, would it? It would use a preauthorized Google Account to access Calendar, right?

Yes, the existing API would let you. But it sounds like Bubble will allow us API access directly from bubble to third party. So that might work ?

I’m not sure, would like Bubble’s input on this @emmanuel ?

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The API connector will let you do a lot, I can’t guarantee it will work with Oauth APIs in the early version, but that’ll come later.

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I see, can you give a rough estimate when to expect the API connector as the client is asking this feature and we’d like to advise them.


I’m also trying to build an app into which I want to embed and allow users to access/edit data from other web apps (e.g. Google calendar/docs/analytics, Buffer, Evernote, etc.).

In theory, how would I go about doing this? Would I use the Bubble API connector to connect to each services’ Oauth? And once it’s connected I can then access that services’ data through different API calls?

Apart from theory, has anyone tried to make this work? Is it possible with the current Bubble system?

Appreciate the help!!

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FYI I created a new “Idea” post on this same topic to hopefully get some traction

This should now be solved with the new API Auth feature, I want this too. I will give it a go to see if it works.

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