How to use Google Places API?

I can not seem to find any information on this. I have a Google Places API key, I put it into the plugin page, that’s great, but now what?

I cannot seem to find any documentation on how to extract any information from a place. I really want to give the address and get their hours of operation (really only want to know if they are open right now or not, at the moment)

I would love some help thank you very much!

(oh and the example on the airdev site does not work:

If it’s a 3rd party plug-in, you might want to contact the developer directly. Did you click the Instructions link on the demo page?

It’s due to an “over query limit” error. You might want to bring it to their attention.

The instructions don’t say anything specific for the plugin, in fact it just directs us to a generic ‘how to use an api when there’s no specific plugin plugin’

Thanks tho.

This seems to cover it:

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For anyone who follows this thread, I found out how it all works finally.

The plugin to use is the one made by Bubble, which I was unaware of.

Gaby from Coaching No Code Apps has a great video that explains it all in detail:

(The offically documentation for bubble should have links to useful tutorials. Just sayin)


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