How to use "only when" for schedule api workflow on a list

Can somebody help me out of my blur? I want to schedule an API workflow on a list. I need to filter that list. Unfornately I cannot filter the list itself due to a complex Stripe webhook so I need to use the “only when”. My question:

Does “only when” execute yes or no on the entire list at once or does it look at each list item and then execute or not? For example the API workflow can only be run for products in that list with the color red. So do I enter in “only when”:

  1. do a search for products -> color is red -> count>0
  2. This product’s color = red

What I need is number 2. “only when” should check per product in the list to execute or not.

It executes yes or no on the entire list, you would need a recursive workflow in your case

Thanks. This makes it clear. I am not sure if recursive will work for me but it brings me the idea to move the filtering to the API workflow itself instead of the schedule API workflow on a list.

This is the best way to run the workflow conditionally on a per item basis.


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