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"Only when" in Schedule API Workflow

I noticed that when scheduling an API workflow and using the “only when” option, I can do so either when I define the API Workflow (on the API Workflow page; see first screenshot) or when I call the “schedule API workflow function”. Is there a difference in the execution? I want to make sure that the API workflow is only run when that condition is fulfilled at the point in time, when the workflow is supposed to run.

As an example: once a user has registered and never logs in, I want to send him a reminder email after 5 days. Where do I define the “only when user has never logged in”. Hope that makes it more clear!

Thanks in advance,

I would schedule it immediately, and in the workflow action for sending the email, that’s where I’d put the condition. You need to schedule the event regardless, then when that date comes, have the action check to see if the user has logged in. Did I explain that in a way that makes sense?

Makes sense! Thanks for the fast response!