How to use or build powerful algorithms in like youtube, facebook, google ads algorithm works

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I want to understand how can we build algorithms in our bubble web app just like youtube, facebook ( facebook ads ), google algorithms. Like suggesting a user on their past experience or searches on our app or helping companies to advertise on our platform and providing leads to those companies by showing adds only to related and exact audience they want to reach.

Although algorithms are a common thing for sorting arrays of listings, primarily basing what’s presented to customers on their consumer behavior is a wise move. For cases like these, the suggestions a customer sees is dependent on their prior preferences. For instance, if one continually searches for the best ceramic plates, it’s highly likely that they’ll keep seeing plate recommendations, utensils, and other similar categories on their feed.

So, how we can achieve this all in bubble?

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You can’t inside of Bubble but there are 3rd party resources you could use to do it in…might even be a plugin out there for connecting to one of those 3rd party resources.

Check out on Google what types of services there are and then see if there is a plugin available…if not, you may need to setup an API connection

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what do you mean by 3rd party resources, Can you please give some examples or elaborate it.

3rd party resource being something outside of Bubble. Not sure what is out there but assume a google search on ‘algorithm provider’ may find something.

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Hmm now i am understanding what you mean. Sorry but i am elaborating more on what i want to achieve.
How can we build our own ranking algorithm on the home page, which let companies advertise on our platform and giving them best leads with the help of our algorithm just like product hunt job, product advertisement works.
Again apologies if it is repetitive.

Anyone has ideas on this, if yes please share.

I think the answer to this is pretty complex. For starters, to be able to display targeted ads you need to have information about the user viewing the ads. Google does this by tracking us wherever we go on the Internet. Facebook does this by tracking everything that we do on Facebook. Can you track what types of jobs your users are viewing on your app or maybe there is a more elegant way to do this that’s not so resource intensive.

This could potentially be accomplished in your context by using some kind of survey to identify what category of job a user might be most interested in. You could also categorize job ads. Then on page load you could show a user job ads that correlate to the top two preferred job categories a users survey may have identified.

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