How can i create a promote jobs, promote products advertisement type feature for users to able to promote on my bubble web app in

Hi bubblers,

How we can create and suggest people related jobs and related products related to their interest and data in

We all know that product hunt & stackoverflow like sites provides the ability to advertise jobs to hire good talent, So how does this work. Is there any Artificial intelligence, data science involved.

Now, suppose i have a platform where i have access to thousands of people active on my platform and other companies want to promote their product/ services on my platform and wants the best result. Now how does it is going to work in


thank you
Priyanshu goyal
Founder at

You could do it in a more simplistic manner of have your database setup to capture the data and then do searches with constraints to match it…could also look into something more complex like using a plugin for AI or machine learning.

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