How to use photoshop web app design in


I am new to bubble and want to build out a social network MVP. I have a few questions and would appreciate answers to any of the questions. They are:

  1. I have photoshop designs for the web app that someone did for me. Is there anyway to import these designs, or do I have to try and mimic the designs in bubble, using icons and standard shapes in bubble? I know there are apps to generate html and CSS code from photoshop files. If I generate these, can I incorporate them in bubble?

  2. Does anyone have links to directions (past posts) on how to implement a social network feed? I.e. display to a user people’s posts on topics they subscribe to or posts of people they follow?

  3. How can notifications be sent to user (both push and email notifications) regarding posts of friends or posts on topics subscribed to?

  4. I want to be able to show how long ago a post was made using format of i.e. 4h or 5d on the post. Are there any suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @obyobidi

  1. I understand that Figma designs can be imported in to Bubble. Have not tried myself yet and cannot attest to what is required thereafter to make things work in Bubble. All else you can use the Bubble editor to build it yourself.

  2. Perhaps this blog article can provide some guidance > How To Build A Facebook Clone Without Code

  3. You can build this yourself and use Bubble’s functionality for emails (or Sendgrid), and onesignal and others for notifications. Also this great video by @gregjohnkeegan can help > Notifications | Tutorial

  4. Too intricate to go into detail for this … but absolutely possible with Bubble!

Best of luck with your app! :+1:

Thanks for the info and links! I will check them out.

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