How to use REST API for CRUD operations in bubble?


I am not much aware of using REST APIs. I found lot of videos on using API in bubble with API Connector plugin. Can anyone help me with REST API ? I am specifically looking for using REST API for CRUD operations.

Prajakta Markale

Hey there @prajakta.markale,

You can definitely use REST APIs on Bubble using the Bubble API connector. I’m not too familiar with CRUD operations, but this is what the API connector looks like in Bubble.

Thanks !
It will be great if you can suggest any video link to perform GET and POST through API connector.

Thanks a lot!!!

Still CRUD operations needs some suggestions !

Please help!

The API documentation for each thing does show what you need to pass into the API for CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE.
I suggest you set up one API call for each thing you want to update, and four individual calls, one for Create one for Update, one for Delete, one just to get the data (Read).

If you’re working within your own bubble app, you will find it MUCH easier to work with the native bubble workflow actions, than distancing yourself from the database by another level of processing via the API.

Thanks a lot !