How to use selection from drop down to display data in repeating group

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use this drop down to send information to the repeating group and only show information for that specific selection.

Ex : I select Account Executive, I want the account executive choices to be shown in the repeating group only. If I change to Sales Development I want that to display only.

I have been playing around with workflows and trying to fix it for almost 2 hours with no luck. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

Technically, All you need is to use RG Data source to fix that.
I guess that RG is a Job Names?
So, because job name is a related thing in the User Inputed Jobs, you will need to use a condition and :filtering advanced. Will look like
Conditionnal: when dropdown’s value is not empty
Data source: Search for Inputed jobs:filtering (advanced filter: This Inputed Jobs’s job name’s job name is dropdown value


Delete it. The filtering will be in filtered not in the search

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dude i love you thank you so much

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