How to use target="_self" with a Rich Text Input link?

When a user inputs a link in the Rich Text input, the link always opens in a new tab.

Is there a setting to allow the link to open on the same page? Adding extra code for target="_self" does not work.


What does the Rich text input link value look like when saved to the database? If it is saved as bb code you would need to find how to use a target=self value for bbcode.

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Thanks for the reply. The link is saved like this:


Any ideas with this how to make the target “self”?

I found the answer. It is like this:

[url=https://… target="_self"]https://…[/url]


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Good on you…my approach is not to give a man a fish or to teach a man to fish…it is to give the man the knowledge that he himself can learn to fish on his own through some trial and error.

Took me a solid hour just to find out about the target=self in coding to set it up in my apps…and honestly forgot if the Rich Text editor provided a URL format that allowed for it.


I knew about target = self, but not bbcode. I tried a bunch of different formats before posting but none worked. Once you mentioned bbcode I knew what to look for! Thx.

Too bad that only works for me on the backend though. I’d like to give my users an option to not open new tabs with the links. But at least I can add navigation links now (for onboarding) without a new tab on each click.

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