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[Solved] Creating hyperlink in text element defaults to target=_blank

When you create a hyperlink inside of a text element it is automatically given a property of target=_blank which creates a new tab when the link is clicked. How can I get rid of that property?


So that you can do is

[url= target="_self"]Bubble[/url]


Thanks Emmanuel!

When I set the target to “blank”, the link still opens in “self”

How can I fix this?

If you want the link within the text element to open in a new tab then simply make sure that you have set the target to “_blank”. If you prefer the link within the text to open in that same tab then just use “_self”.

Its not working with this:
[url= target="_blank"]Twitter[/url]

That’s odd - I’ve tested that exact snippet and seems to open in a new tab okay

Out of interest have you inspected the link element to see the live result?

It might be worth submitting a bug report with the exact page and setup for them to check, as otherwise sounds like a bug


It works now, I forgot I had a workflow that would link this text externally before adding the bbcode.

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If we put [link=“url”]sign me[/link]

Will the anchor text be set for this be “sign me”
I mean for SEO purpose every link should have one anchor text right?

Will google be able read this as anchor text(eg. Sign me)