How to use the new Table feature (Beta)?

Hello guys,

I’m trying to make a table with some information from the product page (pic1)

I’m not sure if i have been very clear and precise, feel free to ask me more specific details if you find it unclear

My end goal is to create a new thing for each row in the table, and my first issue is how do i get to show the input information in the table (but that it can still get edited after it’s showing in table, for that i used an input box)

But more specifically i want one row with an unique combination of the Metadata options, so it would look something like this on google sheet:

the info for each metadata option would be withdrawn from the multidropdown

And then at the end the table will get used to make a list of new things

The real question is how can i get my input boxes to populate in the table ?
How to obtain this:

from this ?:

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