How to use the "Private" check box in the API connector

I have sensitive information as a dynamic parameter that I will pull in a different value for each client. My assumption to protect that information is to check the “Private” check box. First, is that the right assumption? If so, how do I pull in the variable data? If the it is unchecked, I can pull it in via the workflow. If it is checked, I don’t see the field.

This is the check box I’m talking about.

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 9.24.42 PM

Private will mean that it’s inaccessible as part of your workflow action. You will want to leave that unchecked if you’re expecting to use a dynamic expression as that value.

If you have sensitive values that you want to pass, then you will need to protect those values with privacy rules and/or run it as a backend workflow.

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