Dynamic API Paramaters


I have one question when performing API calls. Is there a possibility to have this parameter value as a dynamic field? So for example a user will enter their linkedin company url and when selecting a button it will push that url into this value?

I did some research and they stated that the “Use as” should actually be “Action” and all Parameters should not have the Private option as a ticked. However this did not work on my side.

Let me know if you are able to help out on this?

Thanks so much again!


Yes, you have exactly described the solution. Maybe you should try initialising the call again after the changes.

@nocodejordan - thanks for the reply but when i trigger a workflow on a button it does not show an option for my api plugin called linked?

Am i missing something?

Are you sure you have set the api call to ‘use as action’??

@nocodejordan - Yes please see attached my setup currently

You have to initialize the call using the button below before it will appear in the workflow tab

@nocodejordan - Yeah i tried that but because the parameter is empty it throws this error… :frowning:

To initialize the call properly you will have to input an appropriate value into your API connector.

Then whatever value you put into it will just be a default value in your action which you can change in the action.

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@nocodejordan and @ihsanzainal84 - thanks so much! I got it :slight_smile: