How to use toggle in a repeating group

I was hoping someone can help to lend a hand. I have got my toggles up and running.

When the arrow is clicked the box expands. However, when I click the second arrow I want the first box to collapse and the second box to expand. I cannot seem to work out how to isolate the first row and make it collapse (as they are both the same element)

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi sorry, could you try to rephrase the question please? not 100% sure what you mean.
Which is the first box, which is the second one.

Are you in a repeating group and only want 1 group inside that to show at a time? E.g. you click arrow, group 1 hides, group 2 shows. but only for the first cell and not the second cell of the repeating group??

Thanks so much for replying, and let me try to be a bit clearer. And I beg your pardon it is not a repeating group, it is just a group. Below is the intended workflow:

Like so:

However, what I end up with is just both of the groups open at the same time. Only one of the groups should be open at any one time.

Hope that is clearer to see what I am doing

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