Using Toggle on Repeating group cells, how to show and hide only one cell

Hi all,

I have an issue while using the toggle on the repeating group. When clicking one cell to toggle to the hidden cell, all other cells also showing.
Actually, this is the solution that I am looking for → Accordion Lists But I cannot achieve the editors, I suppose there is a problem with this template.

This is how my interface looks, Third cell was clicked.

Thank you in advance.

Just use a custom state to determine which group to open.

The custom state can either be a Number that relates to the cell’s index, or a datatype that relates to the cell’s thing.

In either case, just set the custom state when the relevant element is clicked, and use a condition to show/hide the required groups/element.

That way, only 1 cell can ever be open at a time, and clicking a new one will close the others.

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I found the solution for my issue, “Stretch rows to fill vertical space” should not be checked in the releated repating group.

Good morning! Could you tell me how you did? I need that when I click on the icon that contains a toggle it opens only the cell that I clicked on and closing the one that was open

See the post by @adamhholmes. It’s the solution for your problem.

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Thank you @ ihsanzainal84 I understood the logic he explained, but as I’m a beginner in the bubble, I couldn’t apply it, I could “draw” it for myself :smile:

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