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How to use URLs and pre-built crawlers for a price comparison app

I’m trying to create a price comparison app that will use a pre-existing url database. Here is the flow I’m trying to create but I’m struggling with, well you’ll see…

  1. User searches an item by part number or keyword
  2. Item or items are called, found in the database, then presented to the user
  3. User confirms the item is the correct item (includes URL data)

Now, here’s where I’m having the problem…
4. I want to trigger my pre-built crawlers to use the URL associated with the item to return multiple options.

How the heck can I do this?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

How you have developed your pre-built crawlers? Is it possible connect pre-build crawlers via API?

Hi Ankur - it is still a potential to connect via API but right now we use url

You can connect your external crawler with API/Webhooks . Need to know only then will able to help you.

Ankur - please forgive me, I misunderstood you. Yes, we have API connection with crawlers.

Then call the api using the API Connector. Here is the one video that I have created- GET REST API Integration | | No code Tools | EP-04 - YouTube

to call GET API from the Bubble.

Thank you! I will watch your video. I bet I will have additional questions because I’m not sure if it is as simple as using the API connector…also, I’m concerned about the correct workflow

Very informative video. Can I do this with multiple url calls from multiple sites at the same time?

Yes you can.

Hi Ankur - great content on your YouTube channel! I believe I have correctly set up 3 GET API’s with 5 different calls and have added them to the UI. These are large databases and I am trying to think of the best way to allow the user to filter the data. Do you have videos that explain how to create custom dropdowns?


Haha, please disregard. I found one.

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Hi Ankur - would you be willing to discuss my project in a different location?