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Web Scrapper for Website Inventory


I’m wondering if it is at all possible to pull the inventory data from a third party’s website, let’s say an online store built on GoDaddy or Shopify, and display that data into a bubble app to allow users to purchase? Users would still be purchasing from the original seller, but would be able to do so through my app as well.

Just curious if something like this is possible.


Very possible.

Just use the api connector plugin to build a GET call


Thank you very much for responding.

I’ll just have to learn more about using the plugin, but I’m glad to know that this is at least possible.

Thank you

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@randreas Did you manage to do this?
I have a similar requirement but have zero knowledge of utilising APIs so have no idea where to start. I’m currently using the Link Preview plugin which works ok but doesn’t allow for error handling (400 codes) and isn’t as complete as other web scraper APIs out there.

Depending on the exact requirements it can be challenging but a basic configuration to scrape data is not that hard:

  1. Install the plugin API Connector (author = Bubble)


  1. Create a new API and API call (do not forget to initialize it)

  1. Create a data type for the results of the scraping and add a text field for the data to be scraped.

  1. Create a button to trigger the workflow

  1. In the workflow create a new thing

  1. Details create a new thing:
    a) Type = the data type you created at step 3
    b) click “Set another field” and select the field you created at step 3 + "Get data from an external API


c) Select the API-call you just created:

  1. Using regex it should be possible to extract the data you need from the website:

See the reference for tips and tricks.


“Scrape like it’s 1999” :rofl:
Many thanks for your details response.
With what you have shown, are you saying that the Bubble API can do the scraping without the requirement of another scraping API? I have seen and assumed I would need to use this as the API and then use the Bubble API workflow to connect to the web scraping API?

Apologies - I have a total lack of knowledge on the API front!

I have previously looked at REGEX and quickly got lost in trying to understand it and it’s syntax!

Yes that is what I’m saying, a lot is possible but it all depends on your requirements. Play around with regex, if that does not work, try one of the webscraping tools (like the one you mentioned).

Of course there is always the option to hire a Bubble Expert (Agencies | Bubble).

Great. Thanks. I’ll look into that but I fear getting regex to work on multiple online retails will be beyond me!