How to visualize the difference between null and zero in a graph?

Hey there fellow bubblers!

In my app people track their behaviour on a daily basis, and the difference between null and zero is significant when I produce their daily tracking graphs

  • A “null day” is a day with no reporting at all
  • A “zero day” is a day where the user reported “zero behvaiour”

At the moment I create visual bar/line graphs for the users with the built in bubble graphs. But, they represent null and zero the same.

Looking for some inspiration - how would you visually represent this difference?

This is how it looks like today:


Null should be represented with a gap to represent the lack of available data for the given measurement period

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Thanks for the reply

When I use the grouping option I choose “do not skip emtpy groups” because I want to have all the dates in order, even if a given date had no data attached to it. Maybe this is a part of the problem?

Any ideas on how to (1) keep all dates and (2) skip areas in the graph where there is no data?