How to write a jquery plugin in Bubble?

My app provides users a probability of winning a poker hand.
Instead of providing a numerical probability I want to show them this probability graphically or visually (like a “meter” or “gauge” to show probability)
I have no knowledge of coding so I found this website where they are sharing a code for such a gauge.

Here is the link to the gauge and the code:

How do I implement this on bubbble? I tried copy pasting the html code in bubble’s html element but it doesn’t work that way.
Grateful for your help.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Although there are some blocks of HTML / JScript which can be copied over, you’re right that this one is a little more complex and would need a plugin.

Without coding knowledge you might have to bring someone on board to help you build that, unless you fancy the challenge - but I personally found that learning curve pretty steep! So before you dive into either trying to learn to do that, or paying someone to do it, maybe consider what the ‘off the shelf’ alternatives look like first.

@blueback09 did a great piece of work with progress bars here - worth a look

I posted this example today, built using the amCharts plugin - it’s a donut style chart that could easily be used to represent x% out of 100%.

Good luck

Thanks a lot for the response EdwardButcher.
I think the donut style chart looks good and serves my purpose. I will use it in my app.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I will check your link later.