How to write "date X = date Y"

The expression I want to build is “date/time picker’s value IS thing’s thing’s value” where both values are date/time, for use in a conditional.

The problem is that the only comparison options available are “greater than”, “less than”, “minus”, “is empty”, and “is not empty”.

If I format the dates into text then the “is” and “is not” options appear. Do I have to convert dates into text to find out if they’re equal?

I guess I could also subtract them and see if the result is 0. But both seem like strange workarounds when “is” and “is not” are so ubiquitous throughout the rest of the elements.

Are you truly needing to compare exact dates, as in matching down to the millisecond?

If yes:

airdatetime picker’s value:Extract UNIX is [insert comparison UNIX]

If no, and you just want to compare days:

airdatetime picker’s value:Formatted as 7/29/2017 is [insert comparison Formatted date text]

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