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How would? Shop add items

Okay so I’m trying to connected two data type to one data type

For example:

A shop signs up now I have the data for the shops detail.
Now I need a item data so that the shop can post there items

Do I put the item data in the shops data list or do I create a new data type for the items

As you can see I’m lost

You would need a new data type for the item, and the shop type (or the current user type, depending on how you want to do it) will have one field that is a list of items.

Have you done the lesson list of things? that’s exactly what you need I think.

Hi @emmanuel can you further explain what is meant by a new data type for the item and shop type. I’m working on a similar project (@ItsJustBusiness fill free to chime in on worked for you). I’ve set up a page where the client can add products. I now need a page that displays a list of all the products the client has added as well as a page that assigned customers can shop. I tried using a reoccurring group but its not returning any results.