HTML elements arent working

Same here. Any plugins or functions that rely on ID Attribute are failing because the ID is absent from the HTML.


Yep, tons of bugs in my app from this too.

Didn’t notice until I was giving a live demo with a potential customer, and a bunch of features weren’t working.

Has completely broken my live site, that was quite reliant on overflow:hidden functions. Report submitted.


Same here, the suppressed scrollbars from the html id’s popped up suddenly in my tables. they look horrible and unusable now.

Yes IDs missing on elements therefore plugins depending on that Ids do not work properly. e.g. livetext


Yep, our live site has several broken components and my client is waiting on Bubble to fix…not cool

Yes, But I don’t understand is it a bug or new feature

You can fix it by re-enabling IDs on html elements in the settings tab:


working… !!

Where can I find this?

IN your App > Settings > General Tab > On the bottom “Advanced Options”


Done but did not solve the issue …

UPDATE : upgraded to version 22, checked to ID attribute and now everything is working again. Thank you @stefan.pointecker

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Great idea! But, this didn’t solve mine.

This does work, however, you need to upgrade to version 22 to expose those options.

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We are forced to go version 22 ?

Yes, I upgraded to 22 and then checked that box to expose ID attributes and all is working again.

@josh & @bubble My Live version is driven from another development version “Not Development Version | Not the main development version”

And in this version I am unable to update to the new version, this version is completely different from the current development version, so I can’t publish the Main development version now :triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

@chris51 mark this as solution please

I am sorry but it is a partial Solution

Same here, cannot do a live version release with my current development version right now. And it’s breaking up our app

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