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Weird things happen on LIVE mode

Guys I just pushed my app to live mode. Although everything works just fine in Dev mode, some things don’t act normal when live.

  • Couple of texts lose the style they have assigned.
  • Reusable element in header keeps displaying Deleted Reusable Element. However I’m using the same element on other pages and it works there just fine.

Is there anything I can do about it or wtf?


Like this is totally unacceptable…

LIVE MODE :point_down:

DEV MODE :point_down:

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Strange things happen to my app, as well. On the live front page I’m missing tens of elements (groups, texts etc) after I pushed an update half an hour ago.
If I revert to a version saved yesterday, everything looks good but, as soon as I push a new update from the Dev mode, my live app is basically unusable.

Mine as well! Sign-in also doesn’t work.

Dev mode

Live mode

Oh ok. Maybe Bubble maid some updates. They’ll fix it soon hopefully.

I’ve submitted a bug report to bubble on this issue

Also, reusable popups don’t open!

Same issues happening for me!

I’m pretty sure there’s some bug issue. Bubble will fix it shortly. Let’s trust the guys :fist:

It should be fixed now. This is the advice from support (after sending the bug report):

" Our engineers have gone ahead and pushed a fix for this behavior!(thanks to your quick report) There will be one more step to have this fully resolved and that will be to Deploy your app to live one more time if the live version is still in a bad state. If you’ve already restored your live version to the proper state then no further action should be required."

It worked for me! Bubble support rocks!

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Yep it’s fixed for me too