Elements missing after updating to custom domain

I am relatively new to bubble and just purchased a template recently and started building my app with it.

It all looks fine within the bubble editor and when i preview the app.

I recently updated the app to a custom domain and several elements have gone missing when i visit the website but still display within the bubble editor. I am not sure if its to do with the responsive engine?

Please can you advise?

would you be able to share a public editor link to your app? it’s a bit hard to troubleshoot this kind of issue as it could really be MANY things causing this issue.

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Hi Luis

Thanks for your response.

The URL is: https://barton.health/
The Bubble link is: https://barton.health/version-test?debug_mode=true


Are you referring to the differences between the ‘dev’ and ‘live’ versions of your app?..

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Yes, the live version has some bits missing.

Have you deployed your dev version to live?

If yes, have you copied the dev database to the live database? (I’m guessing the answer to that is no, in which case that’s what you need to do, assuming the dev version has been pushed to live)

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That worked.

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