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HTML Landing Page Redirect?

I’ve got a robust HTML landing page for my platform that I’d rather not rewrite in Bubble. It works OK hosting it on a different domain elsewhere, dropping it into an iFrame and having the links redirect using target="_top" to refresh the page, but it’s far from ideal. Any other ways of doing this? Having an HTML page hosted by Bubble in one location only? The page needs locally-hosted HTML, JS, CSS, bootstrap, etc to function (or at least I don’t want to put the time in to CDN it all).

All I need to do is display the page content and have one link to my Bubble signup page.


Figured out an acceptable temporary workaround. My initial Bubble (index) page checks if the user is logged in or not; if not, it ‘opens external website’ and redirects to my landing page, if so, it proceeds to the internal site ‘first page’. On the external site there’s a ‘login/signup’ button that then links to my login/signup Bubble page. I wanted to use Bubble’s built-in functionality for simplicity, I think I could have used an API from the external site if I so chose.

My domain names aren’t exactly the same, but close enough for this stage in the game for me. Once I get full functionality I’ll come back around to cleaning all this up.

Hope this helps!

Couldn’t you set up your Bubble app to be on a subdomain? Something like “” is a pretty common thing, that might help get around the domain name confusion. Just a thought

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That’s a great option; I set it up and like it better. Thanks!

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I’m not sure how your current platform works, but you might want to consider the database connector.

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