Html + script help - print pro - hire for job


I am in need of help again.

I need to print to an 80-column printer (epson Tm88IV for example).

We acquired the PRINT PRO @levon @ZeroqodeSupport @vladlarin plugin from zerocode … where we can print by HTML with dynamic data from a Popup. It all works very well.

But this popup has a repeating group that has its data loaded as the data is previously sent to the popup. (display data send to popup xxxx)

How can I include the repeating group data in this popup in HTML?

Or is it a script working together?

In the image above, items marked in red print normally by html.

But I can’t find a solution to print the repeating group that has its data variable in quantity.

I really need this guidance to deliver the project … if someone can perform this work we can be open for proposal.

Thank you all for the attention.