Printing a repeating group

Hello, everyone.

I wanna do this:

  1. Show data in a repeating group;
  2. Generate a PDF file.
  3. Print it.

Here is the problem: when I try to generate a PDF file or just print it, the cells of the repeating group just get cut, like in the image below.

It’s exactly the same question in here: Repeating group and printing. The image above it’s just for illustration, but I’m having the same problem.

I use the plugin “Print Html”.

I’ve already tried the solutions shown in the other discuss, but it didn’t worked for me. Can anyone help me to fix it definitively?


You can solve this issue with the free plugin - PDF Conjurer Plugin | Bubble

You can generate PDFs out of the repeating groups. The plugin splits pages without cutting the content.

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Guys, I found a solution.

We just need to click in the option Center the text vertically, then the text in the repeating group will not slpit or shatter.

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Hi @moisesac, can you share more details on how you did this? I am running into the same issue. Thanks!