HTTP 400 Error with API (Images Data) - Bubble app to Bubble app

Hi, i wonder if anyone can help me. Im passing data from one bubble app (a property management app) to another app (a customer facing portal) - i manage both apps.

Within the management app images are a mix of both hosted externally and hosted on bubble where they have been uploaded manually. Whenever i am padding the listings the ones where images are hosted elsewhere are passing no problem, as they are complete urls with the"https" and no encoding with %%'s. But the issue i’m having is that any of the listings where the images have been uploaded to bubble manually only show the file path and not the url “Https:” which is causing all of said listings transfer to fail.

I feel like ive exhausted all areas and im starting to lose the will to live, ive read so many topics and watched videos and i cannot figure it out.

Example of the workflows that do & don’t work here…

Any pointers would be hugely appreiciated.

Thank you

You need to encode some text as json-safe because some characters will broke your JSON. In API Connector, for example, you probably have : "<description>". You will need to remove double quotes around <description> and in your workflow, use field’s input value:formatted as json-safe . When you use this function, Bubble will encode the whole string and add double quotes around the string, so you don’t need them in API Connector. Do that for each field that you could have special characters.

Okie dokie, i think i understand haha, thank you so much.

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Hi, sorry to bother you, i tried removing all of the " " around the dynamic inputs but its now not working at all unfortunately. Im getting this error now. If you have any suggestions this would be amazing.

In API Connetor, you will need to also, manually, add the double quotes in value for each parameters that need it (price may not need it if this is integer, please check API Doc) to initialize it.
For exemple: status value should be “For Sale”
Also, in JSON, if you have a chance to have an “empty” value (blank), better to check if the input is empty:formatted as text. In yes, put null, in no put input value:formatted as json safe. A lot of API Will not accept a "" blank value and will need null instead

Do you have link to API Doc?

Yes, im working on it, thank you so much, Im having a few issues but sure i’ll get there in the end, thank you.

I managed to use the “”'s around the data being passed and its working for the listings where the images are hosted elsewhere as it was originally but still back to the issue where it wont work with the images hosted on bubble where they are missing the https: :rofl:

You can do Saved to S3 for all the images and add https: at the beginning by default

I have tried this and it isn’t making any changes to the url’s when i check the logs.

I have tried with and without the URL too

You are not using formatted as json. My example was for API Connector, but in WF, remove the double quotes and use: Property now’s generate features:formatted as json safe
As for url, use Arbitrary text if you need to concatenate text and apply formated as json safe at the arbitrary text level. Finally, you ssee to send a list of url… does API expect an array?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, i cannot tell you! Its fixed! Took a little brain work. Sorry for being so dumb, i’ve spent wayyyy too much time on this i think my brain is completely fried that nothing is sinking in properly.

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