Hi Everyone! I built a tool to help you build a No-Code AI Chatbot/Answer Bot for Bubble. Documentation is on the website for Bubble. You can also test a demo at Let me know what you think.

Hey @theanglemag

Is this supposed to happen? It doesn’t seem to know anything. :blush: Maybe a bug?

It only answers things related to Bubble?

Nope, didn’t know that either.

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Maybe the demo only knows things about the codelessrobot site?

Still nope.


When I click one of the default options it doesn’t give a response (stays loading) and I always get the too many queries notification even though this is my second message

I think that this is an ad for a product that isn’t built on Bubble - it just integrates with it. As far as I can tell, it’s a service to create a chatbot (like Chatbase / Chatsonic for example) and you can just add the widget using an HTML script. But no clue why the demo doesn’t work either haha

Hi! It’s only trained on the landing page.


There were quite a lot of visitors so I had to put some rate limiting in place. This may’ve caused the error. Thanks for the feedback.


Those are some ambitious prices for something that Bing already does for free.

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