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Following up on Hero image in new responsive engine. The image in the solution is compressed for smaller screens. I have a hero image that I want to make left aligned on the page and use full page height and have it rescaled. I cannot seem to make it so :blush:.

Thanks, Peter

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Nice to hear from you. :blush:

Let me check it out next time I’m near my computer. It might be Monday in between sessions. I will let you know what I find. :raised_hands:

Huge thanks. I’ve been going around in circles for more time than I’m willing to say. 🫣

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No worries. :raised_hands: I will see if I can help out if I can. I might get stuck too. :man_shrugging:t2: Do you have an example of what you are trying to accomplish?

I’m not sure what you mean by full height and rescaled. When something rescales, wouldn’t that change the height? Are you trying to zoom in? Or maybe crop it at certain points?

Most websites I see have break points for large hero images and show different ones based on screen size. Like Apple for example.

Hello @philledille


Huuuge thanks @cmarchan. There’s always that little setting in Bubble that you don’t know if you don’t know it! :blush:


How can you make it work with multiple groups?
I have one group in the top that should have 100% of the screen height. It works perfectly when I have only this group, but when I try to add another group below (not necessarily 100% of height), the first group is cutted.

This is with only one group (works perfectly)

But when I add another group below (the red one), this happens: