Huge spike in consumption

Just posting here in case anybody has seen similar behaviour in. their app(s).
For apparently zero reason (i.e. no uptick in live user sessions, page views or background processing) we have seen a large spike in capacity (legacy plan) that has surged us over 100% twice in the past hour.

The driver for this is a range of frontend data searches that normally contribute minimal consumption but seem to suddenly be weighting very heavily in the mix.

Anybody else seeing similar behaviour?


Data Panel Search seems to be the culprit.
I haven’t seen this recorded before in these analytics. Has it always been included in consumption stats?

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I don’t have “Data Panel Search” and on an app with consistent usage I don’t see any spike right now. I wonder if that section is something new.

Same here @exception-rambler

In the last two hours, exactly at the same time, had a spike:

Our app usage started to hit 100% for no reason, with no changes, and we haven’t shipped any significant updates in the last few days… I began to turn off parts of my app to see if there were any changes, and it is still hitting capacity.

I already used 3/3 boosts with ten capacity units and am still hitting max capacity…

Now I see this in status, where API dropped to 17% of success:

But still, no outages were detected (as always in Bubble).

I raised a bug report one hour ago, and this is the response that I got from someone:

A Production plan app is entirely down, and I have to wait one business day to get someone to check what is going on…


I dont have any “Data panel Search” but I’m having capacity spikes in my application too.

Completely out of the ordinary for the amount of today’s user access.

Even with capacity boost, the problem persisted.

I have already sent a bug report to Bubble and I believe it would be interesting to do the same.

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We have a ticket in too.
Let’s report back here when we hear something non-automated back from Bubble team :+1:


Same issue here, still not working.

yep, we still at 100%…

Yes ongoing trouble here.
We have doubled our capacity but persistent outages across the board.

For me it stabilized a little in the last 30 minutes.

But the usage spikes are completely meaningless, and related to actions that never previously caused the problem.

Waiting for the bubble to return, for now I only received the message about forwarding to another team

I spoke too soon… returning to the spikes

Outside of moments of 100% capacity consumption we are still seeing a large number of logs along these lines:

What timezone are you on?

GMT+1 (Madrid)

Capacity boost would help in this case?

I received this response, but I still have the problem.

I have already replied to them that it is not yet normalized

Not in our case, I wasted the 3/3 boosts with 10 capacity units each boost… I got a response from bubble they said they going to update status page soon, seems they know what’s going on … they are working on it…


It was Sofia right? I got the same exact answer, and a second email from her.

it was Riya, I received a second email warning that they are aware that more users are experiencing the problem