App exploding capacity since WU announcements

Hi all!
Since the WU announcement, my app has been reaching capacity waaaaaaaay more often. Before, I received maybe a warning email every two weeks, but since then, it’s an email every day telling me things like:

your application has hit its maximum capacity usage for 107 minutes over the last 24 hours. In addition, we estimate your application could have been 586 minutes faster with more capacity over the same period.

Which means my users are getting a crappy experience and having an app too busy message…
This is really frustrating and the logs can’t seem to give me anything close to actionable info…

I think Bubble has been really bad at communicating the fact that our apps would be impacted straight away… And that our apps capacity would reduce significantly since they recalculated workload consumption…

Is anyone else having the same problem? Anyone have a solution?


  • App has been running for a year w/ 6000+ users
  • I’m on a Pro plan
  • I’m using a lot of auto-binding inputs
  • Yes, it was working fine before
  • No spectacular recent changes on my side
  • I haven’t tried adding more capacity because I’m not sure it would solve my problem

I haven’t seen any communication from Bubble indicating that existing plans with capacity usage would be impacted. Have you checked the ‘Server Capacity Usage Details’ to identify what might be causing the increased consumption?

Hi @Benjamin_Rodgers I haven’t seen any communication either but it’s clear that my app’s capacity has changed dramatically… The server capacity logs aren’t really of any help… Anyway, it’s nothing that I’ve changed on my side…

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