Hybrid sites: "embed" Bubble in other websites

BTW, if you want to learn about embed.ly / oEmbed standard, my note about that is this reply (you might find the whole thread helpful):

Basically, modern embedding is just putting a nifty lil’ API wrapper around the process of getting appropriate iFrame code. (So, what you think of as “embedding” is nothing more than old-fashioned iFrames wearing a new suit of clothes.)

Conceptually, it is quite easy to understand what you need to do to enable this sort of embedding. Unfortunately, a couple of limitations of the API workflow capabilities in Bubble seem to make it impossible at present to create appropriate oEmbed responses.

This is not a dig at Bubble’s mostly-quite flexible API options. You can stand up a custom API interface that does just about anything you’d need to do. (Point being that even if something’s a little funky, well you can just document that.)

However, with oEmbed, there are certain standardized requirements for what one’s API must do. Unfortunately we cannot model all of them in vanilla Bubble at the moment. I kinda gave up on oEmbed for a bit to concentrate on other areas.