Embeding Other Websites

I want to embed another website into my bubble app, but I am confused on how to do so. I did a html Iframe, but it always comes out as bubble.io is not responding. Does anyone know a successful way to embed other websites into their bubble app?

Try an iframe generator such as this, then paste the generated code into an HTML element anywhere on your page of your choosing.

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The "Allow to render the app in an Iframe is for when the Bubble app is iframed in another site. I tried pasting the code in the iframe generator but it still states that it is not responding…

Did you place the url you want iframed in the generator? … And paste that code onto a Bubble html element perhaps?

Yes, I created an html element and I pasted the code. Still doesnt work.

Perhaps the url you are using does not allow iframing

That is what I thought too so I tried multiple sites that I had iframed on other non bubble websites I made before. I think it is a problem within bubble.

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Can you paste a screenshot of your setup?

Hey there @central,

It could be that the site you are trying to iFrame has blocked iFrames.

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On wix, I iframed the same site and it worked, so I dont think thats the problem.

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Hmm… maybe try “Display as iFrame?”

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It works now… Thanks for all your help!

What did you do?? I am having the same problem. I tried putting iframe html code in just like yours, and the dumb thing never renders. Was it the “Display as iFrame” option? I even tried that and it didn’t work. I noticed that there’s plugins you can install to accomplish this, but they’re all paid plugins which is an absolute shame! Why are there paid plugins for something so basic? Leads me to believe that Bubble is blocking it on purpose, and this leads to devs being able to charge for something that should be built-in. What was your solution? How did you manage to get it working?

@jc16 Blocking it on purpose? Lol.

Paste your iframe into an html element. If you post screenshots of your setup, it’ll be easier for folks to help give advise.

Nevermind, I guess it was because the sites were all blocking being embedded … like Google and even forum.Bubble.io.

I decided to delete it and go with a screenshot of the sites due to my particular use case. But I got it. Not sure how the original poster got evernote.com working, as I found it it’s also blocking being embedded.

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