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Navigation / Ribbon to unify external sites to bubble app

Hi Everyone… I’m in need of help to get the nav for my app organized… maybe a noob question.

Basically I am trying to create a super nav that points to bubble pages as well as a subdomain and medium page.
Attached is a sitemap of what I am trying to do.

The homepage, Samples and Projects pages are “core” bubble pages.
The Community & Blog are external sites. Wordpress & Medium.
Ideally for the two external sites, I would love to iframe them rather than embed them into a bubble app.

Anyone have a suggestion of the best way to achieve this in bubble?

Thank a lot.

Are you trying to iFrame Medium/WP into the Nav bar ?

iFrameing works well in Bubble, I am currently iFraming a bubble app into another bubble app !


Yes @NigelG… yes. Exactly.

What part of those are you trying to get into iFrame ? It would look odd if it were scrollable ?

What am I missing? It seems like this should be such a simple thing… Here is another image that maybe simplifies this even more…

Oh, simple then.

Use the “Tab Element” template. And stick the iframe HTML element on one of the tab groups.

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Nigel… Thanks a lot for all your help with this.
I am still having problems… I can’t seem to get the iframe syntax right.
I can’t seem to get a page rendered. All I see is either printed text or a blank iframe.
Do you have an example of something you have done you could share at all?
Photo or code please? Thanks a TON.

Yes, have a live example. Will post it up.

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Ok, so here is my iFrame …

You can see it in action here.

Thank you Nigel. I really appreciate your help.