Hyperlink Styling- Missing blue color and underline

Having a problem with styling hyperlinks in text fields.

I currently have a text field that is populated from the database. I am using BB code to add the URL in the database (Google. When the hyperlink renders, it matches the styling of all of the other text in the paragraph, with the only difference being that it is underlined when hovered over. This is a problem because users don’t know the text is clickable. Is there a way to automatically style hyperlinks the standard blue and underline so that users know the text is clickable? The only way I’ve figured out is manually adding color and underline BB tags for each hyperlink.

For context, I have “Recognize links and emails” checked and a color specified (screenshot).

Following. I have the same issue.

I’ve always manually styled, but I’d like to know if there’s an alternative.

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