Links Not Blue Color in RG (Bubble's Rich Text Editor)

Hi Bubblers!

When I make a post with a popup and add a link to the content, the content in the repeating group post is not highlighted in blue so it doesn’t show the user that it is a link underlined in blue?

I’m creating a social network Q&A and I and the developers can’t figure this out.

The content that is hyperlinked only shows up when the user hovers over the content.

How do we make it show up in blue or show that it is a link? Are there alternative plugins?

Please advise.

highlight your text in the richtext editor and give it any color. then you can specify the exact hex code in the input field.

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Thanks Oliver. So the user has to highlight in blue first then hyperlink it? Seems cumbersome as a double process

On the text element, that displays the Q/A, you can check the checkbox ‘recogn links&emails’ and give it a color.

Every link with https://, http:// or www will have this color now.

I believe this is what you meant?

Does not allow me to do it with the rich text editor element…

we’ll figure it out its complicated

have you figured this out? please i need help