I am having a UI issue with buttons at the bottom

I have 2 issues.

  1. I have 2 column set up. The right column has 2 buttons. On a PC, they are on the left and the right. When I shrink them the two buttons are suppose to stack and center themselves and stack.

These elements are inside a group and there are multiple groups due to them being in a form, think Next and Previous buttons.

For some reason (everything was set up the same), one group when shrunk the buttons are stacked and on the left, another group the buttons will stack and do what I want, others they will stack on be on the right. When I look at them, everything appears to be the same, so I have no idea what to change.

  1. I have a preview button that is at the end of each group of the forms. The problem is that the button doesn’t move up or down depending on the size of the screen. It seems to just float, so when the screen is smaller the other text sits on top of it and in some occasions, the button will be too far down when it is on desktop.

Any help would be awesome.

I logically understand what you need, but it’s a bit difficult to explain how to fix it without screenshots of what you currently have. If you could share a link to your app, even better.

If you don’t want to share the link publicly, maybe DM it to me and I can take a look and assist.

How do I go about sharing? Happy to send the link.

There is an option in Settings -> General -> Application Rights. -> Set it to Everyone can View.
Then just copy the app editor link from the browser and send it across in a DM. This will just give me view permission and I can advise on what to change.

Once the issue is fixed, you can change it back to a Private App.